Asbestos Testing in Central Coast

Stormont Service offer effective asbestos testing services across Central Coast. Alongside, identifying asbestos, we offer a complete list of asbestos based environmental services to help keep you, your family and properties safe from asbestos contamination and asbestos related health hazards.

Are you sure Asbestos is not Present in your Property?

Due to its strong feature, it cannot be easily damaged by fire, extreme weather and other chemical substances. This made it one of the most popular choices among engineers to use this materials for construction purposes until the 1990s. Due to government legislation, use of asbestos in construction purposes has been banned since 2003.

However, most of the houses built before 2003 has a higher probability of having asbestos material in them. When disturbed during demolition or refurbishment, these toxic compound could contaminate the surrounding air and make yours and your family’s lives hazardous. If left undetected, these toxic substance could cause serious health issues such as lungs damage, breathing complications and various type of cancers.

Why not Get Your Property Tested?

If you are unsure whether your home or commercial property contains asbestos, the only way to confirm it is by carrying out asbestos testing across your Central Coast neighbourhood. Once the samples are collected by a specialist, it will be processed and analysed before being accredited with NATA approved certification.

Operating for many years, we have developed profuse knowledge and experience to deliver the appropriate results using the proper techniques, professionalism and necessary precautions. As much as we want to deliver efficient results, we want to make sure that neither you nor our employees are hurt or affected during this risky procedure. Therefore, we use the most advanced equipment, necessary safety precautions and attires to precisely collect as well as remove entire asbestos materials from the premises. Leaving your home or business free from such harmful substance while helping restore your health and surrounding air back to normal.

If you need a reliable, efficient and affordable asbestos testing service here in Central Coast, contact us immediately!